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Sista Afia Admonishes TikTok Influencers For Exorbitant Fees, Bias For Foreign Music

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TikTok is a very lucrative avenue where many users are ricking in so much on daily basis. They were even out to declare that it is fetching so much and, in a week, some make 5000 cedis. All that is done through the promotion of music and other products.

Sista Afia a very famous songstress has lamented over the exorbitant charges by TikTokers in the country. She said there are times that a TikToker can you 20,000 cedis to promote your music and that is outrageous how then are they helping the music industry?

She also laments how some of them don’t even promote Ghanaian music but that of Nigeria. From her observation, most often when she checks she realizes the music being promoted isn’t Ghanaian and that is bad.

It is their platform; they have to make some cash but the rate is too high. Not that she cannot pay but doing a cost-benefit analysis, is not worth it.



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