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Sista Afia Diagnoses Reason For Nigerian Music Dominance, Hints At Redemptive Hope For Ghana

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There has been this saying that Nigerian music is doing so well than Ghanaian music. Most musicians have accepted that fact and there is nothing to change it. Some have said that what is working for them is how they support each other and make sure they promote the music of others.

Speaking with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, Sista Afia a Ghanaian Songstress has also attested to the fact that Nigerian Musicians are doing better than them but made mention that it is their era and a time will come for them the musicians of Ghana.

Time and season have their own ways of doing things and we hope it comes a time when Ghanaians will outweigh their Nigerian counterparts.

She also spoke of the holding of music concerts here by Nigerian musicians and that is also working for them. They also have to adopt some of these strategies to see how it works for them.


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