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Sista Afia Owes Her Success To God After Her Repentance, Says Her Talent Was Not Enough

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One’s strength alone is not enough to carry through to success. The God factor needs to play in the life of everyone. It is important to seek Him and His direction if you want to succeed in life. No one has been able to do it all alone without God. It is known that with him all things are possible.

Sista Afia a very popular highlife artist has attested to that. She has revealed that. Her strength could not take her to the level she desired in her career but at that point, she realized that the God factor is needed as she went for that, she has been able to do more and reach success.

She said her talent alone could not have done what the addition of the talent and the God factor has done for her. In her words- I have always been talented, what I lacked was GRACE, a touch of the supernatural… I had always thought I could do it by myself, so I kept doing all that was humanly possible but everything failed me until I came to the end of myself and surrendered to God.


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