Sista Afia Reveals Why She Has Given Up On Men

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There are days I see some statements and I say it is easier said than done. Sister Afia is a very famous artist that is doing so well in the music industry that even her manager has on several occasions praised her for her good skills and talents.

Even a few days ago, her manager made a statement that reads- “When it comes to music, Sista Afia embodies the essence of good music. Her remarkable vocal prowess and lyrical versatility set her apart. She can seamlessly transition between rapping, singing, and various genres, making her the most versatile female artist in our country at the moment—a truly unique talent.”

A lady that possesses all these talents has said that she is done with men in a post she made on Facebook. It is clear she said this in the heat of a heavy heart but the time they say heals and she will get back to herself and see the importance of another man.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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