Skit Make Kiekie Posts Old Pictures Of Her Makeover.

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Remember how Kiekie broke down in tears on her first Mother’s Day in March? She posted a video of her with her daughter on Instagram.

Kiekie expressed her gratitude for having a daughter and her trust in God to keep bestowing upon him the knowledge necessary to be a wonderful muma for him.

The multifaceted Kie Kie talked about her marriage and the reasons she doesn’t share that aspect of her life on social media.

Ahead of her birthday, Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, better known by her stage name Kiekie, a well-known Nigerian actress and skit creator, released some before-and-after pictures of her makeover.

Skit Make Kiekie Posts Old Pictures Of Her Makeover.

From 2014 until 2022, Kiekie enchanted her followers with pictures of herself taken on her birthday. The mother of one claimed that she is celebrating her new age by re-posting old images.

It’s my birthday tomorrow,” she wrote. Let’s look back at all of my looks from my birthday! Will we? If you chuckle, you’ll trip and fall.

There is something that has never changed. Whenever you see it, let me know”.


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