Skit Maker, Sanibus Receives Massive Portrait From A Zealous Fan

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Sabinus, a Nigerian comedian, actor, and sketch writer, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, was overjoyed after receiving a large photograph as a surprise from a dedicated fan.

This revelation came from a video he shared on his Instagram page.

In the video, the well-known comedian and content creator was seen holding onto the enormous portrait and gently placing it on the ground.

Beside him stood the admirer who had gifted him the amazing work of art.

Comic Sabinus was ecstatic as he stood in front of the camera and complimented the amazing work, holding a fan.

Skit Maker, Sanibus Receives Massive Portrait From A Zealous Fan

In other news, Moses Bliss received full access to his UK home and was given the key during the traditional wedding of Nigerian gospel artist Pastor Wiseborn Agyare, the father of Ghanaian lawyer Marie Wiseborn residing in the United States.

Pastor Wiseborn said during his speech at the star-studded event that he had given Moses unfettered access to his UK home, meaning the musician was free to use the apartment anytime he pleased.

The ‘Daddy wey dey pamper’ record breaker wedded Marie on a beautiful Thursday, February 29, in East Legion Ghana’s Underbridge.

While they are celebrating their marriage, Moses Bliss’ father-in-law tenderly hands him the key to his home in the United Kingdom, representing trust and welcome within the family.

Moses Bliss showed his father-in-law how much they cared for each other by gladly accepting the key.

Social media users were quick to respond to the amazing film, sharing their opinions in the comments area.


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