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Slee Gets Candid About Her Friendship Ending With Nonku Williams

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Slee Ndlovu and Nonku Williams, two Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) stars, were as close as thieves when season three of the show premiered. The friendship between the two, though, ended in plain view of the public.

Slee recently discussed their breakup on the podcast Engineer Your Life with Lungelo.

She claimed that being a part of RHOD compelled her to discuss and resolve problems that she would have avoided.

“Everybody knows my issue with Nonku. If I go through something like that with a friend, I remove myself. I don’t go back to unpack issues, to talk about issues and through to fix things or get an understanding. I cut my losses and move on.

“I would not have shot with her or had a scene or any discussion with her, and Jojo as well. I wasn’t even going to give them the time of day. I was going to move on with my life.”

She claimed they get along well when they run into each other at gatherings.

“Are we friends? No. We don’t hate each other. I don’t think they hate me. I don’t hate them,” she added.

A fight between Slee and Nonku was caught on camera.

The ladies had their “last dinner” in the last episode with some tension, and Slee invited them to talk about how they were feeling. They each spoke loudly till the situation deteriorated.

Nonku and Slee were having a verbal exchange when Slee got up and went to where Nonku was sitting on the opposite side of the table, where they got into a fight.

The team had to disperse the altercation.

When Slee expressed regret about the brawl in her video journal, she became upset.

“After all is said and done I wish I didn’t react the way I did. It is out of my character and as much as Nonku was making me angry, I shouldn’t have got up and got to that point. I wish I had done things differently and, unfortunately, here we are.”

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