As an individual, one thing I look at critically when it comes to those I want to be close with is how they behave when they have money in their pockets.

Some people can be all humble and calm when they are broke, but once they set their eyes on just a dollar, they’ll start behaving like the arrogant pig.

Well, Caveman Watch CEO, Anthony Dzamefe has just concurred the above-mentioned fact.

In a Facebook post, he noted that: “some people are not actually humble people. It’s just money they don’t have”

Some people are not actually humble people. It’s just money they don’t have

In truth, one must stay far away from this kind of people. They are wolves in sheep clothing. They are mostly disloyal. And can poison you to an enemy.

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They walk with their stomach on their head. So anywhere they can get food, they’ll be ready to trade their loyalty just to have their belly filled.

This kind of people can sack good people around you.

So please, watch your friends well. Any of them that behave arrogantly when rich but tends to be humble when broke cannot be trusted. Stay far away from them!



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