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was an American singer, model and waitress. She was born on the 23rd of November, 1945 in the United States of America.

Sonji came into the limelight when she married the legendary boxer Mohammed Ali born Cassius Clay.

Below is a brief biography of Sonji.

Sonji Roi Age

She was born on the 23rd of November, 1945 in the United States of America. Sonji was 59 years old as at the time of her death.

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Sonji Roi Hometown

She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinios, USA.

Sonji Roi Personal Life

Sonji met Ali in July of the year 1964, the very year Ali won his first heavyweight title. In a subsequent interview, Roi revealed that Ali actually proposed to her the night the met.

The couple tied the knot two years after they met; August of the year 1964 They got married in Gary, Indiana.

Roi was 23 years old, while Ali was quite younger at the age of 22. The couple met through Ali’s manager; Herbert Muhammed.

The marriage did not last long as the couple were divorced after two years; in January of the year 1966.

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They never had children together, however Ali went on to have nine kids in his life and Sonji had two sons.

Roi has indicated that, the conversion of Ali to Islam was what triggered the divorce.

Sonji Roi Death

Sonji passed away on the 11th of October, 2005. She was found dead in her home and presumed to have died of natural causes.

Her nephew suspected the cause of death to be a heart attack.

Mohammed Ali died nine years later due to respiratory issues.

Sonji Roi Career

Sonji took up modelling and singing after her divorce to Ali. Before she met Ali, Sonji was a waitress. She was working as a cocktail waitress the day she met Ali

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Sonji Roi Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Sonji was very private person. She was not on any social media platform.


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