Speed Darlington Calls For Referendum After Buying 5 Liters Of Fuel For N5000

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Speed Darlington, a controversial artist, bemoaned the exorbitant cost of fuel in Nigeria only 48 hours after Tinubu’s inauguration.

There was mayhem in numerous locations of Nigeria as fuel station vendors hiked the price of fuel and began stockpiling their petroleum goods.

The current president’s inauguration speech, in which he declared that gasoline subsidies will be eliminated, was followed by this action.

'Male celebs prefer having baby mamas because getting married will end their career' – Speed Darlington

In the middle of the debate about fuel price increases, the musician grumbled on his Instagram page after paying N5000 for 5 liters of fuel at a filling station.

Considering the most recent event, Speed Darling has asked for a referendum in Nigeria.

In another news, just an hour after arriving in Nigeria, Afrobeat superstar Tiwa Savage lamented the growing price of fuel and its scarcity.

Just 48 hours after Tinubu’s inauguration, a few celebrities have spoken out over the scarcity of fuel at several filling stations and the rise in petrol costs.

Celebrities like Timanya, Tacha, Speed Darlington, and others have blasted gas station owners and dealers for hoarding fuel.

Tiwa, who recently made waves for some photographs she snapped with an unknown male, has promised to return to Brazil after feeling the heat in Nigeria.

She alleges that she lost one of her other car’s tires while it was still in line for gas.


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