Speed Darlington Scolds Hilda for Not Choosing Him

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Speed Darlington, a talented rapper, chastises Hilda Baci for preferring Mr Macaroni over him.

The Nigerian singer, who lives in the United States, shared a photo of Mr Macaroni and Hilda and wondered if it was a pre-wedding photo.

He was furious that Mr. Macaroni had chosen to shoot with Hilda Baci instead of him, who he said had the curves he desired.

Speed Darlington thinks Mr. Macaroni is a good comic, but he doesn’t have all the meaty potential he has.

Speed Darlington Scolds Hilda for Not Choosing Him

He continued by saying that he and Hilda would make a great couple because his state is closer to Calabar.

Hear him speak;

“Hilda must be under the influence of something for snapping with mr macaronii instead of me because Igbo and calabar are closer to each other than Yoruba” – Speed darlington blast hilda baci for snapping with mr macaroni.

Watch video below ;

Arondizuogu is a community in Nigeria’s Ideato North Local Government Areas of the Imo state where Speed Darlington was born. He was born into a family that included Queen Theresa Onuorah as his mother and Pericoma Okoye as his father.

Speed Darlington began performing the Egedege Dance, an Imo state culture dance, as a child under the influence of his parents, who are also Igbo culture singers, and later began singing[6] as an adult.


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