Speed Darlington Vows To Campaign For Tinubu For N15 Million [Video]

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Popular Nigerian influencer and musician, Speed Darlington has declared his intention to join the campaign train of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the ‘right price’.

The US-based singer stated that if he is given N15 million, he will immediately begin a vigorous campaign for Tinubu.

Speed Darlington made the request during a live TikTok session, noting that his price is reasonable.

The Bangdadadang singer claims that because Igbo people adore him so much, they will listen when he counsels them to support Tinubu.

Speed Darlington Vows To Campaign For Tinubu For N15 Million [Video]

He added that not everyone loves Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate for president, especially people in the South-east.

Reacting, young_5lee6 wrote; Na usa 🇺🇸 when give visa I blame hungry man

ezennayaa; Campaigning for him but not voting for him… Guy man

royalborn_j; Make u a leave this broke guy, na zlatan make ppl know weda him Dey exist…. Talk shit mouth

petemon_f; Wetin go do our party presido (PAP)

suretonytonero80; Poverty and hunger na big sickness

consult.ict; Typical igbo man…always looking for money with everything regardless whether it help their future or dent their generation…that’s why Northerners and other nigerians can’t trust them.


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