Staying In A Toxic Relationship Can Kill Faster Than Cancer- Chacha Eke’s Husband, Austin Faani, Writes

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Austin Faani, a filmmaker and the husband of the actress Chacha Eke-Faani, said in a piece that the effects of an acrimonious breakup and continuing in a toxic relationship can kill more quickly than cancer.

Faani stated this in a post on his Instagram page today, December 14. He also stated that men and women who are loyal to their partners are looked down upon by the average Nigerian.

“Everyone Close To This Case Knows the Absolute Truth” Chacha Eke’s husband, Austin Faani finally breaks silence on his marital crisis

Read his post below;

”The average Nigerian mentality frowns at men who are loyal to their women and also at women loyal to their men (sad), and this plague is dominant in the woman folk, especially the sad single ones, or the ones that had a bitter divorce or the now adults who were raised by sad parent/s.

People underestimate the effect of a bitter divorce from a loved one (most times you wish you stayed back and fought).
The effects of continuing to stay in a toxic relationship (You will always wish you can summon courage and get out!).
This two alone can kill faster than cancer.

If you don’t love a woman, never tell her you do, if you do, never stop loving her, love her in her good days and love her more in her worst days. And women do so unto your partner.


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