Stefan Geosits Cause Of Death, Wife, Children, Obituary

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Stefan Geosits was born on August 27, 1927, in Hungary and passed away on June 20, 2022. He died at the age of 94 years.

Stefan Geosits, while alive was a writer, Catholic Priest, historian, and translator. As a writer, he has been able to publish religious books and monographs and as a translator, he has been able to translate the books and monographs into Hungarian and Croatian languages.

Stefan Geosits cause of death

Stefan Geosits’ cause of death is not yet known. There will be updates if any information comes up.

Stefan Geosits wife

There is no information as to whether Stefan Geosits has a wife or not but it is known that Catholic priests do not get married. The probability that Stefan Geosits is not married is very high. Further information will be updated if any comes up.

Stefan Geosits children

As the probability of Stefan Geosits not being married is high, it is likely that he does not has children.

Stefan Geosits obituary

Stefan Geosits was a Catholic Priest who was born on August 27, 1927, in Hungary and died on June 20, 2022. The cause of his death is not known yet.

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