Stop Acting Like A…– Drama Brews As 22-years-old Ivy Ifeoma Tackles 41-year-old Lover, Paul Okoye

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The picture by Nigerian model Ivy Ifeoma sparked rumors that she and her lover, musician Paul Okoye, are going through a tough patch in their relationship.

Ivy appeared to criticize Paul Okoye, aka Rudeboy, for claiming that guys are just concerned with respect and not love.

It all started when the 41-year-old posted a few weeks ago on his Instagram page that sometimes a man merely wants to be respected by his girlfriend instead of being adored.

He said that because guys are not always concerned with love, respect is all that matters to them. He declared:

“For Men… Sometimes it’s not all about love. RESPECT… is all that matters!!!.”

Paul’s partner, Ivy, recently expressed her disgust with this claim on her Instagram stories.

I for talk but I no wan see my pic for Paul's insta story – Reactions as Paul Okoye’s lover, throws shade at budding singers [Video]

“What distinguishes a man’s partner from any other person if all that matters to him is respect?” Ivy asked, quoting her beloved.

Ifeoma went on to warn males that respect should be earned rather than demanded as if their lives relied on it.

She asked them to quit behaving like dogs and to respect their partners. Her exact words are:

“Men don’t need love, all they need is respect.”

These are two different things, bro. If that’s all you need, what’s the difference between your partner and any random person, ’cause anyone can respect you… But there’s respect in love too.

And those men that keep demanding respect up and down like their lives depend on it, hope you know it’s earned? Stop acting like a dog and treat others with respect too.”


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