Sylvester Oromoni killers pictures, details on the names and killers of Sylvester Oromoni

Sylvester Oromoni killers pictures
Sylvester Oromoni killers pictures

killers pictures together with their names have been finally released onto social media and the world especially Nigerians can’t just think of it.

Sylvester Oromoni killers’ pictures show that they are very young. Their parents have at the moment jumped to their defense although Sylvester Oromoni is said to have listed their names those who bullied him leading to his death.

At the time, all three are said to be in Police custody assisting in the investigation according to Lagos State Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu.

Sylvester Oromoni killers pictures:

The pictures of Sylvester Oromoni killers are very worrying and heart-breaking to watch or see. These alleged murderers were minors who should have desisted from bullying their younger brother. Check out their photo below:

Sylvester Oromoni killers pictures, details on the names and killers of Sylvester Oromoni

Sylvester Oromoni killers Names:

Sylvester Oromoni according to the accounts given by his father, mention five students’ names before his death out of which the three key ones have been picked up.

The names of Sylvester Oromoni killers are Michael Kashamu (Son of late Senator Buruji Kashamu), Angel Temile, Favour Benjamin, Edward Brown, and Agboro Emmanuel.

The police department in Nigeria has pledged to deal with them should they be found guilty in their mother of Sylvester Oromoni.

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In an interesting development, one of the students allegedly responsible for Sylvester’s death was spotted bullying his mate in the latest video trending online.

The video had him rubbing his hand at his private part and using it to touch the face of another student. Wouldn’t that be soo annoying? – Below is the video…

Meanwhile, Edward Brown’s mum has denied his involvement in the alleged attack on Sylvester Oromoni even though the video shared above has it that her son is a known bully.

She explained that her son is a day student and so, there is no way he would have been present during the time of the alleged bully.

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Edward’s mum who is known as Ms. Oluchi Sunday, said all that has been said about her son are all lies.

We shall bring you all the updates on this!


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