IVD: Blessing CEO Allegedly Arrested By Late Bimbo’s Family


Relationship Specialist, Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, is rumored to have been detained by the police. The controversial relationship therapist was detained on November 22, 2022, claims gossip website Cutie Julls. According to the blog, Blessing was arrested by the late Bimbo’s family and spent the night in Panti cell. She made a … Read more

Blessing Ceo Excited As Fan ‘Tattoos’ Her Name On Wrist [video]


Blessing Okoro, a popular relationship expert, has expressed her excitement when a fan allegedly tattooed her name on her wrist. The socialite turned to Instagram to show a video of the fan’s wrist with her name inscribed on it. The inscription was ‘I love B. Ceo ‘, which was boldly tattooed on the fan’s wrist, … Read more

CEO And Relationship Therapist, Blessing gets Featured In A Movie


Nollywood has not to stop bringing up new talents, in a recent movie, the controversial relationship counselor, Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO joined the list of actresses in the Nollywood industry, as a video showing the moment she was acting a movie has been shared by her online. See her post; The well-brand … Read more

Social Media Users React To Blessing Okoro’s New Pictures On Facebook


Okoro Blessing Nkiruka better known by her stage name Blessing CEO, is a well-known relationship therapist, brand ambassador, businessperson, and content creator. She recently shared new pictures of herself with her fans in an effort to flaunt her glimmering beauty. Blessing enjoys showcasing her beauty on social media, and this time she was successful in … Read more

“What Do You Gain Dragging The Dead?” – Nkechi Blessing, Anita Joseph Tackle Blessing Okoro Over Involvement In IVD And Late Bimbo’s Case


Anita Joseph and Nkechi Blessing, two Nollywood actresses have criticized Blessing Okoro for her stance on the IVD and late Bimbo death and domestic violence cases. Blessing Okoro had jumped to the defence of IVD, the husband of late Bimbo who claimed that IVD, was not guilty of the charges brought against him. Bimbo, according … Read more

If You Come To My DM Again, I’ll Insult You – Blessing Okoro Warns Celebs Asking To Shup Up Over IVD’s Case


Socialite, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka has issued a stern warning to those especially celebrities who are telling her to shut her mouth following her comments about the death of late bimbo, ex-wife of businessman, IVD. Blessing Okoro said in a video that she will insult anyone who reaches out to her advising her to back out … Read more

IVD Is The Real Victim, Bimbo’s Family Is Only After His Life And Properties – Blessing Okoro Alleges


Popular relationship expert Blessing Okoro claims that IVD, the husband of late Bimbo, is innocent of all charges made against him. According to Blessing, Bimbo was the violent one in the relationship and had always wished to die. She continued by alleging that the late Bimbo’s family wants to take over IVD’s properties. “I am … Read more

“My Enemies Are At Work”- Blessing CEO Writes Hours After Instagram Took Down Her Official Account


Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, a contentious self-described therapist, has gone to the platform to express her outrage hours after Instagram deleted her account. According to earlier reports, Meta deleted the official Instagram account for Blessing CEO. During her live Instagram session, the account ‘Officialblessingceo’ was taken down to support her claim about … Read more

Blessing Okoro’s IG Account Deactivated After Declaring Herself As Official Therapist Of IVD


Blessing Okoro, a contentious relationship expert, lost her Instagram account after getting involved in the case of late Bimbo and IVD. The relationship specialist was participating in a live session and discussing the case of the late Bimbo and IVD when her account mysteriously vanished. This comes shortly after she claimed that IVD, the late … Read more

IVD: Mamajazz You Blocked Bimbo, You Guys Were Not On Talking Terms – Blessing Okoro


Relationship guru Blessing Okoro has resurfaced to drag the late Bimbo’s family once more. Blessing Okoro said on social media during a live broadcast on Instagram that Mamajazz, the late Bimbo’s sister, had banned Bimbo before she passed away. Additionally, she stated that Mamajazz and Bimbo were friendly, so why is she acting so phony … Read more

IVD’s Saga: “I Don’t Respect The Dead”- Blessing CEO Fumes, Slams Anita Joseph, Nkechi Blessing And Others [Video]


Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, a self-acclaimed relationship expert, has replied to the wrath she received for pitching a tent with IVD. The relationship coach and therapist also slammed her coworkers for criticizing her. Remember how Nkechi Blessing Sunday and Anita Joseph reacted to Blessing CEO’s latest revelations? Blessing turned to Instagram to … Read more

Bimbo’s Family Is Only after His Life and Properties; IVD Is The Real Victim – Blessing Okoro Drops Receipts


Popular relationship expert Blessing Okoro claims that the husband of late Bimbo, IVD, is innocent of the charges brought against him. Bimbo, according to Blessing, was the violent one in the relationship and had always wished to die. She continued by alleging that IVD’s property will be seized by the late Bimbo’s family, particularly the … Read more

“Bimbo’s Family Is Interested In IVD’s Property And Life.” Blessing CEO Makes A New Revelation And Shares Receipts


Blessing Okoro, better known as Blessing CEO, a relationship expert, has made a new revelation in the ongoing case involving IVD and his late wife, Bimbo. According to news reports, the deceased died on Saturday, October 15th. Mama Jazz, her sister, broke the news of her death. The CEO of Blessing, who has been vocal in … Read more

Learn To Shut Up- Actress Nnaji Charity Blasts Blessing Okoro Over IVD Saga (video)


Nnaji Charity, a Nollywood actress, has criticized Blessing Okoro, a relationship guru, by telling her to learn how to shut up unless she was having an adulterous affair with well-known businessman IVD. Nnaji’s response came when Blessing Okoro accused IVD’s deceased wife, Bimbo, of causing the tragic events that resulted in her passing. It has … Read more

Between Blessing Okoro And Late Bimbo’s Brother After The Latter Granted 24 Interviews (Video)


After giving numerous interviews and divulging a lot of information about their family, renowned relationship expert Blessing Okoro criticizes the late Bimbo Ogbonna’s brother for pursuing prominence. This follows Oyindamola Martins’ ongoing exposé regarding the death of his sister through domestic abuse at the hands of his spouse, IVD. With a live session, Blessing Okoro … Read more

Why Do Women Fear Divorce?- Blessing Okoro Asks (Video)


Blessing Okoro, a relationship expert, questioned women why they are afraid of divorce. Blessing wrote on her Instagram page: ”WHY ARE YOU WOMEN ALWAYS SCARED OF DIVORCE?? SHARE YOUR FEARS LET ME HELP YOU PROCESS IT . WHAT SCARES YOU MORE ABOUT DIVORCE??? SELF ESTEEM? VALIDATION? LONELINESS? HELP? TELL ME ?” Some ladies explained why … Read more

‘Why Relationships & Marriages Are A Mess These Days’ – Blessing Okoro


Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has shared her thoughts about why relationships and marriages have become a mess these days. The controversial personality shared this in a recent post that she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram. According to her, relationships and marriages are a mess these … Read more

‘I Laugh When People Call Me Old Although I’m Just 33 Years’ – Blessing Okoro

‘I Laugh When People Call Me Old Although I’m Just 33 Years’ – Blessing Okoro

Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has revealed that she cannot stop laughing anytime people call her old even though she is just 33 years old. The controversial personality made this known in a recent post that she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Her post reads; “Laughable … Read more

Marriage Is Not Love, People Marry Those They Can Abuse – Blessing Okoro Says


Relationship expert Blessing Okoro has made those desperate for marriage understand that marriage is not love, as nowadays, some people just marry those they can abuse and subject. Blessing Okoro who seems to know more about love and relationship after her failed marriage has disclosed that because someone chooses to marry you don’t mean you’re … Read more