Moment Amaka Told Doyin About Her Eviction Dream Which Came To Pass [Video]


During a conversation between evicted Bbnaija housemates Amaka and Doyin yesterday, Amaka said that she had a dream in which the house changed into one that was colorful, with some people congregating in the lounge and some in the dining room, where she and Doyin were present along with Ebuka. Doyin then declared that she … Read more

BBNaija: Organizers Reveal Why Doyin Was Not Evicted Along With Amaka On Monday


The organisers of Big Brother Naija have explained why Doyin escaped eviction on Monday. Doyin had six nominations from housemates along with Amaka, who was eventually sent packing from the reality show. In a post via its verified Twitter page, BBNaija organisers claimed Deji’s nomination of Doyin and Hermes is invalid because he is a … Read more

BBNaija S7: “Biggie Hates Amaka”: Fans Blow Hot As She Gets Evicted From BBNaija Show Despite Tied Nomination With Doyin


Fans of the show took to social media to react to the news as they called out the show organizers BBNaija Level Up contestant, Amaka has been evicted from the show after a new twist was introduced to the game. On Monday, Aug 29, 2022, Big Brother announced to the housemates to nominate two of … Read more

BBNaija S7: Doyin Cries Over Allegations Of Breaking Relationships


BBNaija Level-up housemate, Doyin, has been accused of attempting to break existing relationships in the house. However, it seems she’s innocent as she tearfully defended herself from such allegations. The show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s “table-shaking” questions on Sunday got the housemates in a search for a gossip scapegoat. It has led to various confrontations, allegations, … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Doyin Cries Over Allegations Of Breaking Relationships


BBNaija Doyin, a Level Up housemate, has been charged with trying to sabotage existing connections in the home. However, it appears that she is innocent as she vehemently denied the accusations. Sunday’s “table-shaking” questions from show presenter Ebuka Obi-Uchendu led the housemates to look for a rumor victim. It has resulted in numerous disputes, accusations, … Read more

BBNaija S7: “I Have Never Seen A Man Treat A Woman The Way You Treat Bella” – Doyin Tells Sheggz [Video]

BBNaija S7: "I Have Never Seen A Man Treat A Woman The Way You Treat Bella" - Doyin Tells Sheggz [Video]

A few moments ago, Doyin was seen having a conversation with Sheggz, as she tries to settle the little misunderstanding he (Sheggz) has with Bella. Bella and her love, Sheggz are currently having some issues, and Bella requested a space for herself, which Sheggz did, but Doyin disagrees with what Sheggz is doing as she … Read more

BBNaija: “Finding Your Person In Life Is As Much A Big Prize As 100 Million Naira “- Doyin compares love with 100 million naira


Big Brother Naija housemate Doyin compared love to $100,000,000. She told Bella this throughout their talk. Doyin urged Bella, a flatmate, to keep her relationship with Sheggz going. Bella revealed to Doyin during their conversation how much she adores and trusts Sheggz. Doyin advised her to keep the relationship going since it could generate even … Read more

BBNaija S7: “Your Mum Would Be Proud Of You” –Biggie Tells Doyin After Completing Her Task


On Wednesday night, the housemates carried out a task that was given to them by Big Brother, and all the housemates took part in the task. However, during the task, Doyin, who was quite nervous when called by Big Brother, muttered a few words while carrying on with her task. While performing her task, Doyin … Read more

BBNaija S7: “I’m Not Faking It, Nobody Thought Of Coming To Big Brother To Find A Wife” – Sheggz [Video]


A few hours ago, Sheggz was seen with fellow housemate, Doyin having some conversation as he convinces Doyin that he is not faking the love he has for Bella. Most housemates think Sheggz is just faking the love he has for Bella, and it’s part of his strategy in the game. However, Sheggz tells Doyin … Read more

BBNaija S7: Doyin Shares Her Thoughts On The Argument Between Sheggz And Eloswag


Big Brother Naija Level 2 housemate, Doyin aired her opinion during the argument Sheggz had with Eloswag, the two had a face-off when Bella interrupted a conversation between Chomzy and Elo. Earlier, the former head of house made it clear that he wasn’t comfortable with a joke being made about him and Level 1 housemate … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Groovy And Beauty Share Their First Kiss As Housemates Get Steamed Up During Pool Party (Video)


Big Brother Naija’s Level Up housemates is undoubtedly giving viewers the type of content they signed up for. The housemates who have been in the house for nearly two weeks have continued to defy gravity and break the rules with their feuds, love ships and intimate moments. The Level Two housemates gave viewers much to … Read more

BBNaija S7: Biggie Gives Hermes A Secret Task In Preparation Of A Surprise Birthday Gift For Doyin


BBNaija level 1 housemate Doyin, who was born on the 3rd of August, would be celebrating her birthday in Big Brother house today. In preparation for this birthday, Big Brother gave Hermes who is the Head of House, a birthday card with instructions on what to do. After Hermes’ diary session this afternoon, Big Brother … Read more

BBNaija: “Even If Sheggz And Bella Stop Becoming A Thing I Can Never Go There Again” – Doyin


One of the Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates have backed down from pursuing the guy she is attracted to in the house. Doyin revealed that she will no more pursue something serious with Sheggz even if his relationship with Bella crashes. During a conversation with Dotun, she said, “Even if sheggz and Bella stop … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Housemates Clash As Adekunle, Doyin, Chichi, And Sheggz Pick Fight


Being housed with strangers for months makes it unlikely that you won’t get into a fight with someone. The BBN “Level Up” housemates appear to be picking fights too soon, in contrast to other housemates from different seasons. The dramas and fights have spanned Phyna and Amaka, Chichi and Bella, and now Adekunle, Doyin, Sheggz, … Read more

Chichi And Doyin Are Trying To Break Us – Bella Narrates To Sheggz


It seems like some envious housemates are trying to break the leading loveship of BBNaija season seven housemates Sheggz and Bella. Sheggz and Bella transformed into an item within days of rolling in the house, cuddling up, hanging around together, and affectionate name-calling each other. They have also amalgamated together how they feel about certain … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Doyin Stirs Love Triangle As She Admits Her Feelings For Sheggz


Doyin, a Level Up housemate on Big Brother Naija, has received appreciation from many for her candor in expressing her feelings for Sheggz. Doyin didn’t hesitate to approach Sheggz and sit down with him to express her feelings, putting stereotypes aside. Doyin admitted that she likes Sheggz and could have pursued him further if it … Read more

BBNaija: I Really Like You & If Not Because Of Bella, I Want To Be In Your Space Every Time – Doyin To Sheggz


With the housemates already settling in the house and now closer to one another than before, the tension is starting to get to them as that was the case of Sheggz and Doyin who, last night, got into a heated argument. Though that didn’t last as this morning, the pair sat down together in the … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Housemates Clash As Adekunle, Doyin, Chichi, And Sheggz Pick Fight (Video)


The possibility of not getting into a brawl with anyone is slim especially when placed in a house with strangers for months. Unlike other housemates from different seasons, BBN ‘Level Up’ housemates seem to be picking fights too early. From Phyna and Amaka to Chichi and Bella and now Adekunle, Doyin, Sheggz, and Chichi, the … Read more