El Lizato Biography, age, real name, quotes, proverbs, wife, children, phone number

el lizato biography

El Lizato real name Justice Agyekum is a Ghanaian radio presenter, MC, social media influencer and a self-styled philosopher. El Lizato is very popular across social media, especially on Facebook over his funny quotes. He has a special way of coining his quotations that will crack you up with laughter. In this article, we shall … Read more

If you ask a lady ‘how are you’ & she replies ‘I am not fine’, ‘don’t ask her why’ it’s a trap to bill you

el lizato

El Lizato has once again dished out some words of advice to men with regard to how to escape unnecessary bills from ladies. It is true that one thing that is most dreaded by guys is when a lady shifts some unnecessary responsibilities on them. Usually, when you ask a girl how she is doing, … Read more