“Please Stop Shipping Us, Eloswag And I Are Not Dating”- Chomzy Cries Out [Video]


Chomzy, an ex-housemate from BBNaija level up, has complained on social media that her fellow housemate Eloswag is being shipped with her. Chomzy went live on Instagram last night at a party for an expelled housemate. When fans commented and inquired about her connection with Eloswag, Chomzy responded right away saying they are just friends … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Fans in shock as Eloswag discovers that Bryann is his cousin following exit from show


Eloswag, the recently-evicted BBNaija season 7 member, sparked outrage online when he revealed his relationship with Bryann, a past roommate. The housemates’ families also received attention as a result of the Level Up season program. Bryann and Eloswag’s mother recently displayed themselves on social media as they advocated for their kids. However, the young, attractive … Read more

BBNaija: “Do you like Eloswag or did you settle for him” – Elozonam querries Chomzy [Video]


To find out whether Chomzy’s affections for Eloswag are genuine or whether she merely settled for him, reality TV star Elozonam is questioned. Elozonam, the interrogator, has been busy interrogating the newly ousted housemates about their behavior there. He reportedly questioned Chomzy if she believed he had anything to do with Beauty’s disqualification, to which … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: “His Mum Should Have Gone For BBNaija” Reactions Trail Eloswag’s Emotional Reunion With His Mother (Video)


Big Brother Naija’s ‘Level Up’ evicted housemate, Eloswag has blessed the online community with an adorable video of his reunion with his mother. The reality star who was kicked out of the show during Sunday’s live eviction, reunited with his mum over the week. In the video, an excited Eloswag lifted his mum, swirled her … Read more

”Chomzy Your Bobo’s Mom Is Rich Oh”-Reactions Trail Eloswag’s Reunion With Mother [Video]


The touching reunion between evicted BBNaija season 7 member Eloswag and his mother sparked a wave of comments. Recall that Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag had stayed an additional week after being evicted on September 11; they were, however, sent packing a week later. The reality star met his young, stylish mother once he had left … Read more

Eviction Makes Housemates Question Biggie’s Moves


The remaining Housemates reflect on their fate and Big Brother’s twists after five Housemates leave the Level Up House in one night. Biggie’s House Guests, Chomzy, Doyin, Eloswag, and two Level Up Housemates, Allysyn and Dotun, were evicted on the tenth Live Eviction show. Their departure brought silence to the House, and the Housemates couldn’t … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Biggie’s Guests Tagged As Fake Housemates


The latest victims of the Fake Housemate rumors are Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag. This evening, the Housemates and House Guests discussed the Fake Housemates and shared their perspectives. They also hinted at Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag accepting a contract to be Fake Housemates in order to return to the House. Since Modella and Deji’s exposure … Read more

Live Updates For The “Level Up” Season On BBNaija 7 (Week 8)


16/09/2022 The residents triumphed in their week 8 job. The hard work of the housemates paid off, and there is enough food for the upcoming week. On the other hand, Doyin received a warning for violating the microphone policy. The presentation of the housemates’ bet has begun. The housemates created environmentally friendly equipment for the … Read more

BBNaija S7: “You Betrayed Amaka & Disrespected Beauty By Taking Groovy In The Same Week” – Chomzy Tells Phyna


Last night, Chomzy, Phyna, Eloswag, Groovy, Sheggz, and Chichi were chosen by Biggie for a movie night in the level 3 house. After watching their movies, Chomzy confronted Phyna on some issues she had with her. She told Phyna how upset she was with her for betraying Amaka and also taking Groovy the same week … Read more

Housemates Share Thoughts On Food Conflict– BBNaija


Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag discuss their experience at Level 3 and what they have learned since rejoining with the Housemates in their first Diary Session as House Guests. Level Up Housemates who were unable to attend yesterday’s Diary session had the opportunity to chat with Biggie today about their Nomination choices, the ongoing food battle, … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Nigerians mock evicted housemate Eloswag as he brags about being this season’s winner

BBNaija Season 7: Nigerians mock evicted housemate Eloswag as he brags about being this season’s winner

Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ evicted housemate, Eloswag has been subjected to mockery online for bragging about being a top contender for the show. Recall that Biggie introduced a new twist last night when he still retained the evicted housemates. Biggie introduced Level 3 house for evicted housemates; Chomzy, Eloswag and Doyin. The trio, unaware … Read more

“If I’m Up Next Week, I’m Leaving” – Bella Cries Out After Audience Called For Her Eviction (VIDEO)


Big Brother Naija’s Level Up housemate, Bella Okagbue seems to have thrown in the towel too early after 7 weeks in her quest to win the grand prize. On Sunday, September 11, three housemates, Doyin, Chomzy and Eloswag were evicted and transferred to a new room called ‘Level 3’. Bella who was also up for … Read more

Evicted Chomzy, Doyin And Eloswag Now Biggie’s Guests


Despite being eliminated from the Level Up Season, Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag have been granted permission to remain as Big Brother’s guests in a specially made Level 3. The N100 million ultimate prize is no longer available to them because they are Biggie’s guests. They are still permitted to participate in routine House activities like … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: List Of Housemates Up For Possible Eviction On Sunday


On September 11, 2022, six housemates from the Big Brother Naija Level Up series could be kicked out. Bryan, Phyna, Eloswag, Doyin, Chomzy, and Bella are among the residents of the residence. Following the Head of House competition, in which Hermes was declared the victor, they were all put forward for eviction. During their diary … Read more

BBNaija Season 7: Sheggz Clashes With Bella Over Failure To Follow His Instructions (Video)


This week has been a week of drama for several Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ ships. From Daniella and Dotun to Eloswag and Chomzy, Bella and Sheggz; this week has been packed filled with drama. Last night, Bella and Sheggz got into a nasty fight after he slammed her for disobeying him. The self acclaimed … Read more