Palace’s rule for Queen’s funeral coverage ‘doomed to failure’

Palace's rule for Queen’s funeral coverage ‘doomed to failure’

Buckingham Royal residence’s standard to limit broadcasting the recording of Sovereign Elizabeth II’s memorial service to just an hour was as of late condemned by a specialist. In his piece for Day to day Mail, Ephraim Hardcastle said that the choice “appears to be ill-fated to disappointment deciding by valuable endeavours to control regal inclusion”. … Read more

Queen Knows Throne Is In ‘Safest Hands’ With Charles, Wants 15-year Kingship: Psychic


Queen Elizabeth II has no ‘reservations’ with oldest child, Ruler Charles, turning into the new ruler of England. Mystic medium Jasmine Rose Anderson claims she had contacted the Sovereign’s soul to understand Her Highness left this world happy with the information that Charles will deal with the privileged position. She told: “The way things are … Read more

Prince Harry’s reunion with William over Queen’s death to be ‘short lived’


Prince Harry seemed to rejoin his sibling Sovereign William in the UK after Sovereign Elizabeth’s passing, however, imperial insiders accept that a long-lasting compromise isn’t on the cards, according to Mirror UK. The Duke of Sussex and Ruler of Ribs set up a unified front alongside their spouses Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton after the … Read more

Man Accused Of Grabbing Queen’s Coffin Flag Granted Bail, Will Remain In Mental Health Hospital


A man blamed for getting the banner on Sovereign Elizabeth II’s final resting place needed to check for himself that she was without a doubt dead, a London court heard Tuesday. Sovereign Elizabeth’s coffin lay in state in London’s Westminster Lobby from Wednesday until Monday in front of her state burial service, with an expected … Read more

Reactions as ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ begs for funds from BBNaija Tochi, reveals she’s not dead


Former BBNaija season 5 star, Tochukwu Okechukwu Tochi got social media buzzing when he shared a screenshot of the messages he received from the late British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The parody Queen’s account asked him to send money because she was not dead and needed to return to the UK, and she also wanted … Read more

Meet RCCG Pastor Who Officiated At Queen Elizabeth II’s Burial Ceremony


One pastor, Agu Irukwu, is currently trending online for being the sole black pastor to preside over the queen’s burial, which took place on Monday, September 19. He was one of the ministers that officiated at the funeral of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. One of the eight pastors representing the churches of England … Read more

“I Don’t Have Access To My Royal Money — Queen Elizabeth II Appeals To BBNaija Tochi For Funds, Reveals She’s Not Dead


Tochi Okechukwu, a BBNaija TV star, tweeted a humorous screenshot of how an online fraudster tried to con him by pretending to be the late Queen Elizabeth. The scammer asked for $300 to buy tea and cookies. The user wrote: “HEY IT’S ME QUEEN ELIZABETH, I AM NOT DEAD, CHARLES SENT ME TO A DESERTED … Read more

Prince William, King Charles III Left Personal Notes On Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Bouquet


Indeed, even the blossoms at Sovereign Elizabeth II’s burial service were brimming with adoration and authentic importance. Ruler William and Lord Charles III each passed on private notes to Her Highness on the wreath on her casket during Monday’s burial service functions. William’s card was recorded with his and Kate Middleton’s monograms, while Charles’ manually … Read more

Sandra Oh Attends Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral With Justin Trudeau And Canadian Delegation


Sandra Oh was among those offering their appreciation during Sovereign Elizabeth II’s state memorial service on Monday. The entertainer, who is an individual from the Request for Canada, went to the verifiable occasion with Canadian State leader Justin Trudeau and the Canadian designation. Trudeau reported on Friday that Goodness would be among a little gathering … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II’s Coffin Makes Final Journey To Windsor Castle


Sovereign Elizabeth II’s casket has made it’s last process to Windsor Palace. The casket had been Lying-in-State in at Westminster Lobby since last Thursday, yet was taken in the parade from the Castle of Westminster to Westminster Convent on Monday morning, where Her Highness’ state burial service occurred. Following the memorial service, the final resting … Read more

Choir Boys Have A Viral Moment While Performing At Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral


The Ensemble of Westminster Nunnery had all in all a second at the center of attention during Monday’s state burial service for Sovereign Elizabeth II, with one ensemble kid specifically catching hearts across virtual entertainment. As the gathering sang psalms and melodies all through the span of the function, watchers observed a youthful vocalist with … Read more

Royal Photographer Chris Jackson Reveals What Queen Elizabeth II Was Like Behind the Scenes

Royal Photographer Chris Jackson Reveals What Queen Elizabeth II Was Like Behind the Scenes

Regal photographic artist Chris Jackson has been catching the imperial family during a portion of their greatest minutes for a long time, and large numbers of Jackson’s pictures of Sovereign Elizabeth II chronicled Her Highness’ die hard faithfulness, comical inclination and commitment to her loved ones. “The sovereign was a totally amazing individual to photo,” … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II Laid to Rest Next to Prince Philip, Other Royals in Final Resting Place

Queen Elizabeth II Laid to Rest Next to Prince Philip, Other Royals in Final Resting Place

Following quite a while of fanfare, Sovereign Elizabeth II’s body has at long last stopped at St. George’s House of prayer in Windsor Palace. The late English ruler, who kicked the bucket at 96 years old on Sept. 8, was let go close to her late spouse of 73 years, Sovereign Philip. Philip passed on … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Queen and Prince Philip Buried Together

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Queen and Prince Philip Buried Together

The state memorial service for Her Highness Sovereign Elizabeth II finished up at Windsor Palace on Monday evening subsequent to starting the day in London and finishing a few chapel gatherings and illustrious motorcades en route. Here’s beginning and end you want to be aware. Sovereign Elizabeth and Ruler Philip let go together. Following a … Read more

Who Are The Celebrities At Queens Funeral?


From 6 February 1952 until her passing on 8 September 2022, Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; 21 April 1926 – other Commonwealth nations) served as the monarch of the United Kingdom. During her lifetime, she held the regency over 32 sovereign states, and there were 15 at the time of her passing. Her 70 years and … Read more

King Charles III ‘Moved Beyond Measure,’ Preparing for ‘Final Farewell’ Ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral


As the imperial family gets ready to let Sovereign Elizabeth II go on Monday, her child, Ruler Charles III, offered an explanation of appreciation. “Throughout the course of recent days, my significant other and I have been so profoundly contacted by the many messages of sympathy and support we have gotten from this nation and … Read more

Meghan Markle Attends Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Wearing Touching Tribute


Meghan Markle is offering her last appreciation to Sovereign Elizabeth II. The 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex went to the state memorial service of the late English ruler on Sunday at Westminster Convent. She showed up solo as her better half, Ruler Harry, partook in the parade behind his grandma’s final resting place from Westminster Lobby … Read more