Who is the biggest liar in the World?


The World’s Biggest Liar is an annual lie-telling competition held in Cumbria, England. International competitors have five minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing lie they can. Props and scripts are not permitted in the competition. Politicians and lawyers are prohibited from participating in the competition because “they are judged to be too skilled … Read more

Pedro Marchetta cause of death, wife, children, net worth, funeral, obituary


Pedro Marchetta was an Argentine former footballer and coach. His time as a player lasted for almost a decade in football in his country, Chile and Ecuador. As a technical director, he had a long career, which was interrupted by health problems. This led to him making the decision not to continue in the profession. … Read more

Is Call of the Wildman still alive?


Call of the Wildman was a popular American reality television series that was broadcasted on Animal Planet from 2011 to 2014. The show followed the adventure of Kentucky woodsman Ernie Brown, Jr., Popularly known as “The Turtleman”.Together with his friend, Neal James, and his pet-dog, Lolly. The Turtleman operated a harmful animal removal business, catching … Read more

Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez cause of death


Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez is the son of billionaire banker Venezuela-based Baneso president Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez.   Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez cause of death Making reference to the media outlet Miami Herald, Escotet Alviarez died on March 12 after jumping into waters to save his fiancée, Montero.   She had been knocked from the … Read more

Is Tammel Esco black?


Tammel Esco, 42, is the suspect being charged with the attempted murder of a woman from the Philippines whose details has not been made public. The woman who fell victim to Esco’s attack has her name remaining undisclosed although she is reportedly recovering from a vicious anti-Asian attack by Tammel Esco on her in Yonkers. … Read more

Norpipah Abdol cause of death, funeral, husband, children, net worth


Norpipah Abdol was born on July 27 1954 at Malacca, Federation of Malaya (now Malaysia).   In every part of her involvement in politics, she had held positions such as Alor Gajah Wanita UMNO leader and Melaka UMNO Wanita Information Chief.   Ex Melaka women’s affairs and health committee chairperson Datuk Norpipah Abdol passed away early this … Read more

Who is Blake Reign? Homeless model, 27, arrested for masturbating at Miami Beach Starbucks

Who is Blake Reign? Homeless model, 27, arrested for masturbating at Miami Beach Starbucks

Blake Reign is a 27-year-old self-proclaimed homeless male model, who according to reports, was arrested for masturbating in front of people at a Starbucks in Miami Beach, Florida, on Friday, March 11, 2022. Reign was allegedly seen pleasuring himself at the Starbucks located on 29th Street, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach at about 9:30 am. Witness … Read more

Who is Kenneth Miller? – Coach suspended by Tri-Cities High School for detaining teen who had LOADED GUN on campus


Kenneth Miller is a Georgia high school coach, who was suspended after he defended himself and restrained a student who was in possession of a loaded firearm in school. According to reports, Tri-Cities High School coach Miller said, “I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. I only adhered to what Fulton County School Board … Read more

What is the Shekinah Church? Miranda Derrick inducted into cult, family claims in viral video


In January 2021, famous TikToker, Miranda Derrick joined 7M Films, an entertainment management firm . Normally, this wouldn’t have been a piece of unusual news, but there’s a reason it is being talked about now. Since she joined the firm, Derrick has not been in touch with her family, leading to a lot of conspiracy … Read more

What happened to Orrin and Orson West?


California brothers, Orrin and Orson West have been missing for over a year and their adoptive parents have been arrested on suspicion of murdering the toddlers. Trezell West, 35, and Jacqueline West, 32, were arrested by Bakersfield police on Tuesday and are currently in the Kern County Jail. Jail records show that they have both … Read more

Sam Levinson wife – Meet Ashley Lent Levinson

Sam Levinson wife - Meet Ashley Lent Levinson

Samuel Levinson is an American actor and filmmaker who created the HBO teen drama series Euphoria, an adaptation from the Israeli series of the same name, which continues to air from 2019 till date. Born on January 8, 1985, Levinson is the son of Academy Award winning director Barry Levinson and Diana Rhodes, a production designer for TV … Read more