Tboss, Others, And Anita Joseph Bang Monalisa Stephen Over Her Shocking Admission Regarding Her Personal Life

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The Nigerian body positivity advocate reportedly got a lot of negative feedback from fans after sharing images of what goes on in her bedroom, according to the report.

In a well-known podcast called an honest bunch, Monalisa revealed that her partner cheats on her when she’s on her period. She was joined by media personality Nedu and other guests.

Anita Joseph and Deborah Nosa Okunzuwa, better known as Nma Kocha, two Nollywood actors, as well as others, have responded to Monalisa Stephen’s shocking disclosure about her personal life.

Social media users have been discussing the footage where she made this admission, and they are not happy with it.

Anita Joseph responded by pointing out that the blood is dangerous to taste.

humans are dating vampires believing they are humans, according to MC Makopolo, because even Dracula himself isn’t thirsty for blood in that way. My entire body is aching! You Bloody Samaritan, Weldon.

“May God deliver that guy wherever he is now, he is going through a lot spiritually…it’s a shame,” one Caz Chidiebere wrote.

Even if she is lying, how can a woman conceive of this!!!Talk about it more and more! Menstrual blood? Monalisa, who was exiled, go spend time with your boyfriend in the evil woodland. evade me. Actress Deborah Nosa wrote



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