Tems And Manager, Muyiwa Exchange Words Online With American Producer, ATL Jacob

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Tems, a Nigerian singer, and her management Muyiwa Awoniyi refer to ATL Jacob, a well-known American producer, as a liar on the internet.

With her outburst, the singer, who rarely gets into trouble, stunned many people on social media. Growing up, she was teased for being silent.

The Grammy-winning song “Wait for you” was inspired by Tems’ original song “Higher,” which she claimed the producer didn’t want to clear.

Tems' Manager Refutes ATL Jacob's 'Shocking' Drake Claim | HipHopDX

He was also a liar. Drake was the one who called her to get her approval for the song; at the Grammy Awards, he subsequently stated that Tems didn’t need to give him credit for their triumph.

Her manager also confirmed that all of those claims were untrue, and she advised anyone in close proximity to the producer to be checked out since he might be a pathological liar.

In an attempt to defend himself, ATL Jacob requested documentation of the incident in which he spoke adversely about her in exchange for a wire transfer, and Tems agreed to match the money if he stopped lying about her.

Drake and Future, both American rappers, appeared on her Grammy-winning track, which he produced.


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