Tems Opens Up On Wardrobe Sale And How She Deals With Being A Shopaholic

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Tems, the singer, has revealed why she holds her annual wardrobe sale. The “Damages” singer held a wardrobe sale this week, selling everything from her clothes to her accessories.

She recently admitted to being a shopaholic and using the sales to clear out her wardrobe in an interview with Cool FM. She added that charity receives a portion of the sales.

She stated that Tems started the sale a year ago in an effort to make more room, but they have since decided to make it an annual occasion.

“I’ve been planning for this sale where every year I sell out my closet, both worn and unworn, tagged and untagged, all my bags, all my glasses, all my boots all my shoes. I just cleanse myself of everything I’ve ever bought that year and I do it annually,” she said during the interview. “I decided to start doing that last year because first off, I think I’m a shopaholic. I’m acknowledging the problem you see,” she added.

Tems also works hand in hand with foundations [Instagram/temszzn]

Further, Tems revealed that she collaborated with an organization and attempted to raise awareness of the organization’s goals during her sale.

“I wanted to work with a particular organisation called WARIF who advocates for women and children that are victims of domestic violence. And I just thought that was a way I can do this, not just partnering with them, but also doing something that involves other people as well and creates awareness. So I thought this sale would kill two birds with one stone; solving my shopaholic problems and also bringing awareness to organisations that need that spotlight,” she explained.

Tems has become more and more of a fashionista in recent years, shutting down award shows and flaunting expensive designer labels on Instagram. Everyone had an opinion about her Oscars outfit this year, ranging from Piers Morgan to Jarrett Bellini.


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