The Amount Of Love Shown To His Twins Has Made Adeniyi Johnson Emotional

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Just a few weeks prior, Seyi Edun and Adeniyi Johnson had written to thank their lovers, who showered them with gifts.

The pair posted a video of themselves wishing their supporters well.

Adeniyi Johnson, a Yoruba actor in Nollywood, is really moved by the amount of affection he and his wife Seyi Edun have had since welcoming their twins in April.

Adeniyi observed that the celebration for his twins would be the first one at which the host didn’t spend any money.

The actor thanked his coworkers and friends for their outpouring of love on his Instagram page.

Before the party for their twins, the new parents have been showered with cows, water bottles, drinks, and other gifts.

He remarked that the entire encounter had made him cry happy tears.

The Amount Of Love Shown To His Twins Has Made Adeniyi Johnson Emotional

Good morning, my people. Should we carry on from where we left off? As things stand, this twins’ party may be the first one where the guest didn’t spend any Kobo or little oooo… I cried tears of joy when I saw how much love my family and I had received. My pals are the best, and my DM is hot… God really did wipe away tears, AKOREDE.

Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun haven’t stopped thanking the people for their love and support since welcoming their children.


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