The Bed Was Shaking; Prophet Nigel Details How God Showed Himself To Him

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Prophet Nigel Gaisie has seen God three times and is recounting his experiences.

When asked how he came to be a pastor, the Prophetic Hill Chapel founder said an image of God appeared to him on a wall and tasked him with gathering followers and preaching about his second coming.

During an interview that aired on UTV, Nigel Gaisie was conversing with Abieku Santana. The prophet said that God had an aged man or woman’s forehead, even though he was unable to see God’s eyes.

“One day, I was in a deep sleep and all of a sudden, I felt the bed shaking very hard,” Nigel said. “Then I saw an image on the wall. I couldn’t see its eyes but I saw the forehead which looked wrinkled, like that of an old man or woman.

Then the image spoke to me. It told me to go into the world, to nations, and preach the gospel and declare his second coming,” he recounted.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Prophet Nigel continued that Dr. Lawrence Tetteh also appeared on the scene and God instructed him to hold Dr. Tetteh’s feet.

“When the image was leaving, it pulled something into my stomach, it felt like a frost. Then I saw Dr. Lawrence Tetteh and it instructed me to hold his feet. Then the image told me that a gift of healing had been added to my calling.

Then interestingly, the first day, I saw Dr. Lawrence Tetteh was at an event at Action Chapel. He threw a towel at me and asked me to hold his feet. It confirmed what I had experienced with God nine years ago,” he added.

Listen more from him in the video below;


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