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‘The Cleaning Lady’: Naveen Andrews on Bringing Danger Into Season 2

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As the freshest option to the season 2 cast of The Housekeeper, Naveen Andrews – – who most as of late played beset ex-Theranos leader Bright Balwani in The Dropout – – is brightening up the Fox show. Andrews plays Robert Kamdar, Nadia’s (Eva De Dominici) risky and enchanting ex-sweetheart, who enters the world hellbent on splitting apart Nadia and her mobster spouse, Arman (Adan Canto).

Whenever the open door came his method for joining the horde show’s gathering, it was Andrews’ better half who had a little impact in pushing him to say OK. “Before I even took a gander at the content, my sweetheart let me know that this was one of her number one shows. She’d seen the entire first season and thus, she said, ‘You ought to get it done,'” he imparted to ET over a new Zoom talk. “Hence, I saw the principal season. And afterward I consented to do it on the grounds that the show’s about outsiders, and I’m the offspring of settlers myself.”

“The way that it’s about our not unexpected humankind, that we are migrants in this nation – – America specifically – – it appeared to be significant,” Andrews noted.

In front of Monday’s new episode, Andrews focuses on why he inclined toward The Housekeeper, what’s shocked him the most about his personality, Robert, and how his better half feels about his personality now.

ET: What snared you about the show when you at first read the content?

Naveen Andrews: What truly attracted me was the exhibitions of the entertainers, that they have a sort of close to home power and punch. Essence, its genuine guts, which was exceptionally strong. I answered furthermore, that. Especially the episode, I believe it’s [episode] 5 in season 1, where Martha [Millan]’s personality, Fiona, you believe she will be extradited. They had the [Rolling] Stones’ “Evening glow Mile,” I think, playing on the soundtrack, which is one of my main tunes. I was wailing, thinking, “Good gracious, don’t extradite her.” obviously, she wasn’t expelled, yet a lot of individuals are – – and one of different characters was. It’s certain, the power of that.

Might you at any point provide us with a feeling of who you play, Robert Kamdar, and how he causes a ruckus this season?

What’s intriguing about Robert is that he’s practically illustrative of a specific class of taught criminal. He’s exceptionally taught, more taught than I’m. Training doesn’t be guaranteed to imply that one can’t be a crook… or on the other hand be an insane person, a sociopath, or anyway a specialist could mind to characterize it. Moral wickedness, it appears, is all inclusive and doesn’t have anything to do with status or riches. So it was fascinating to investigate a person that has that side to them.

How could you get into his headspace? How could you plan to play somebody with those characteristics?

I attempt to take a gander at a close to home association that the person could have with a person or thing. Furthermore, for Robert, assuming there’s one reclaiming factor in his cosmetics, it’s his affection for Nadia. For reasons unknown, she’s excluded from his somewhat dull perspective. She’s the kind of solitary candle in the breeze, as it were. When that’s what you have, it’s simpler to fabricate a person around that since individuals are intricate and nothing’s dark or white.

What has shocked you as you’ve invested more energy being from his perspective?

With a fictitious person, you really do have a ton of opportunity and there’s a specific sort of mercuriality he has, the way that he can go from nothing to 60 in short order. Maybe he can end up in a specific zone and it shocks him. And afterward yet for someone who really has, we should simply say, a still, small voice, that may be troubling or frightening even. For his purposes, it’s invigorating. He gets a charge from it. Finding that was fascinating.

What has it been like working with Eva, Elodie Yung and the other cast individuals in producing this strained unique that you bring onscreen?

With Eva, who plays Nadia, we’d spoken and chipped away at our history, which we felt was significant before we’d even shot whatever since we felt having some thought of the profundity or meaning of their relationship was required. What’s more, I’m happy to such an extent that we did on the grounds that I think the crowd ideally will feel that this is a relationship that returns various years and was vital for the two of them. There’s a sort of closeness between them that likewise impacts different characters, yet especially Adan’s personality, since it’s practically similar to a particular sort of obscurity that is meddling.

How might you portray your personality’s circular segment this season?

Simply the manner in which he implies himself into the existences of the principal characters. What’s more, it’s done step by step. In certain occasions, it’s extremely unpretentious. In others, absolutely surprising.

Do you actually incline toward characters like this or do you subtly find happiness in playing characters like this since you see yourself as distant from these character types?

I can’t reject that there is a delight in finding and investigating intricacy in people, whether it’s light or dim. Since, in such a case that you are truly making it happen, you get to live on another plane. I was discussing this with Adan. It’s like you’re at a specific sort of pitch for that timeframe and afterward you return home and return to your life. As odd as that might feel, it very well may energize.

You referenced your sweetheart loves the show. What are her sentiments about your personality?

When she had some awareness of the person – – on the grounds that she knows me – – she said, “You can do this. You can make it happen.” Perhaps she knows excessively!

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