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The Floor Game Show Contestants, How Does The Floor Work On Fox?

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Not only does well-known actor Rob Lowe play the adored host on film, but he also serves as the producer of FOX’s The Floor. With this endeavour, Lowe returns to presenting unscripted programs on the network after serving as Mental Samurai’s presenter for two seasons from 2019 to 2022.

Allison Wallach, President of Unscripted Programming at FOX Entertainment, praises Lowe’s participation and notes that The Floor has all the components of a great game show.

In The Floor, eighty-one competitors compete for the title of trivia master and the opportunity to take over the large floor in an enormous competition. Contestants will compete in head-to-head trivia matches, with each partner trying to outsmart their opponent.

How Does The Floor Work On Fox?

In the thrilling quiz program The Floor on Fox, competitors battle on a gigantic LED floor that is divided into one hundred themed squares, each of which represents a distinct genre, such as “horror movies.” Intense quiz battles are held between competitors, who choose their opponents at random from adjacent squares.

The opponent’s standing area determines the category that is selected. Claiming the loser’s square allows winning players to increase the size of their area. Upon winning, competitors must decide whether to tactically terminate their turn or carry on duelling to capture more squares.

If they choose the latter, the tension is maintained as The Floor chooses the subsequent challenger. The contestants continue playing until one takes control of the entire floor and becomes the one who prevails.


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