The Only Thing Moving In Nigeria Is Music – Peter Okoye

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Famous Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye has opined that the only industry that is still flourishing in Nigeria at the moment is the music and entertainment industry.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, the veteran singer argued that the Nigerian music industry and the entertainment industry is flourishing because it is not under the control of the government, hinting that the government has failed in everything in its hands.




“Nigeria is totally backward. The only thing moving forward is music/ entertainment…Imagine the only thing forward in Nigeria is something that the government are not in control of.”




A few days ago, Peter Okoye revealed that some beggars in Nigeria have resorted to carrying POS devices around just in case they meet someone who wishes to donate to them but have no cash on them.


“I hate to use the word “beggar”. But ehhhh!! Beggar show me p.o.s when I said I don’t have cash on me.”

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