The Ritual Killer Release Date

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“The Ritual Killer” is a 2023 American action-thriller film directed by George Gallo. The movie features Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman in leading roles.

The film’s premise revolves around Clinton, a Homicide Detective from Mississippi named Lucas Boyd.

Unable to cope with the tragic loss of his daughter, he embarks on a relentless pursuit to track down a serial killer.

This murderer operates according to a gruesome tribal ritual known as “Muti.” Boyd’s quest to bring this killer to justice leads him to Dr. Mackles, an anthropologist and local college professor who holds a dark and unspeakable secret.

Dr. Mackles becomes the key figure who can assist Boyd in his pursuit of the ritual killer.

The Ritual Killer Release Date

It was released by Screen Media and Redbox Entertainment on March 10, 2023.

In the film, a detective on the brink of retirement joins forces with a professor of African Studies to pursue a serial killer who is carrying out the ancient black magic ritual known as Muti. This is definitely one to watch.


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