Them Slap Me That Morning – Blessing Okoro Reveals She Was Abused In Her Marriage

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Famous Nigerian relationship expert and socialite, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, better known as Blessing CEO has revealed that she was beaten and maltreated by her husband 12 years ago but kept on a fake smile.


The mother of two who had married at a very early age revealed that her ex-husband, Lucky abused her after taking away her at just 15 despite his innocent looks. Blessing Okoro added that he sometimes abused her even in the presence of her own family members.


“Memory lane ….So funny how I feel absolutely nothing watching this video. Lucky it feels good to write about you again after 12 years ..2009 5th December. It’s been 12 years of my divorce. You might be wondering why I am posting this after a long long time, i am posting because I want to show you how the men who hit women look like, they don’t always look like osinachis husband, they come in different package.

Can you believe this innocent guy was the one I talked about for years now, yes he is the famous ex that took away my youth at 15 years and abused me.
@josie_de_xii witnessed the beating a day to my wedding this day, he beat me in front of everybody.”


Blessing Okoro revealed that while still married to her abuser,, she resorted to faking smiles though she was in contact pains from the many beating she took from her husband day in and day out.

“…PS, see me smiling like goat but you no go know say them slap me that morning and a night to this morning. What did you do blessingceo that made this cute man beat you up, nothing, absolutely noting he just love the innocent vulnerable little gal. He was 13 years older than me oooo.”

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