Theory Aspyn-Sky Gray: Who Is John Gray’s Daughter?

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Pastor John Gray of Greenville, South Carolina’s Relentless Church, is delighted by his daughter’s smile. The Christian faith leader recently tweeted a photo of his baby girl, Theory Aspyn-Sky Gray, who made him smile.

John and his wife, Aventer Gray, have been coping with social media reactions since a lady accused him of having an affair with her last week. In a YouTube live stream video, the accused mistress claimed to be in daily communication with the Greenville pastor.

John Gray has not only flatly denied the woman’s allegation of an affair, but he has also retained lawyers, Devon Puriefoy and Kimberly Thomason, who claim Gray is the victim of extortion.

Theory Aspyn-Sky Gray’s Mother shared a happy moment with her children on IG:

“The real deal on motherhood is that – WE ARE TIREDDD sis. We are tired of talking. We are tired of doing it. HOWEVER, it is such a blessing to be a MOM! What an honor to be trusted with such a position and role! Just know that while Mom’s, be sure to take time to just Be!”

“Sometimes we just want to sit still, reflect and dream absent of the consideration of the next activity and it’s ok!!”

“Society has programmed us into thinking that we continuously need to be doing something, all the time or we aren’t productive when in fact, that isn’t the case.”

“We should be taking time out periodically with the sole purpose of recentering ourselves for what’s to come. Pour into you, so that you can pour into them!!”

Theory Aspyn-Sky Gray: Who Is John Gray’s Daughter?

Theory Aspyn-Sky Gray’s parents have not revealed anything about their daughter. This section will be updated as more information about her becomes available.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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