Theresa Velasquez Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Partner, Children


One Saturday in July 2021, Miami-Dade police announced that ’s remains were identified in the rubble of the Champlain Towers South collapse in Surfside, the 95th victim to be identified by police.

Her body was unfortunately recovered on July 8, police noted.

Her parents, Julio, 67, and Angela, 60, who lived on the third floor of the condo tower were also affected. They were also discovered in the rubble the next day.

Theresa Velasquez Wikipedia

Theresa Velasquez was not featured on Wikipedia.

Theresa Velasquez Age

Theresa Velasquez was 36 years old.

Theresa Velasquez Wife

Theresa Velasquez was not married so she did not have a wife.

Theresa Velasquez Net worth

Theresa Velasquez’s exact net worth is unknown.

Theresa Velasquez Instagram

Theresa Velasquez’s Instagram account is under the name @djtheresa

Theresa Velasquez Partner

Theresa Velasquez never mentioned a partner throughout her lifetime but she was a part of the LBGTQ Community.

Theresa Velasquez Children

Theresa Velasquez did not have any children on record.

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