They See You As A Fool – Ugezu J. Ugezu Calls Out Celebs Living Large On Social Media

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Veteran Nigerian movie actor and filmmaker Ugezu J. Ugezu has thrown jabs at celebs who go online to “torment” their fans with their achievements and luxurious lifestyles.

According to the thespian, he finds it disturbing that someone who calls themselves a celebrity would take pictures of themselves getting on a plane just to catch a cruise on social media.

He added that these celebs are not even aware of the fact that most of the fans they wish to impress with their expensive lives see them as fools.




“Is it not disturbing to you that some people who call themselves CELEBRITIES are excited with the fact that they are entering an aeroplane and are prepared to torment their fans with videos of same? Hello! They see you as a fool. You don’t even know.

Thank God I am not even a celebrity. Priests like us are excited with realistic change that transforms the lives of many, not any personal move or achievements. If you feel like arguing, argue with your phone.”


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