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Thomas Charles Ravenscroft Walters Net Worth And Salary

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Thomas Charles Ravenscroft Walters, a prominent figure in South African politics, has been a member of the Democratic Alliance on the provincial list for the province of Gauteng

Walters has carved a distinguished path within the Democratic Alliance (DA) since he emerged as a student leader in the now-defunct Democratic Party. His journey in politics began with his involvement in student leadership, evolving into pivotal roles within the DA.

He became a member of the National Assembly of South Africa in 2014. Sworn in as an MP, he assumed roles as the Shadow Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform and also served on the Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans

Thomas Charles Ravenscroft Walters Net Worth And Salary

Beyond his political accomplishments, Walters has also seen significant growth in his financial portfolio. As of the current assessment, his net worth ranges between $2 million and $5 million. His accumulation stems from diverse sources and investments over time, reflecting his prudent financial management alongside his political commitments.

Regarding his annual income, Walters earns a salary ranging between R1.2 million and R1.5 million. Notably, this figure aligns with the remuneration for MPs in the National Assembly or NCOP, where the minimum salary stands around R1.2 million annually, equivalent to approximately $65,000 at the time of writing.

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