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Todd Chrisley And Wife Julie Found Guilty Of Tax Fraud

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Todd and Julie Chrisley have been tracked down liable in their expense extortion preliminary. On Tuesday, following an almost three-drawn-out preliminary, the couple was sentenced generally speaking in a government court in Georgia, Insider reports.


Todd was indicted for intrigue to commit bank extortion, bank misrepresentation, the trick to cheat the United States, and duty extortion, per Insider. Julie was indicted for connivance to commit bank misrepresentation, bank extortion, scheme to swindle the United States, charge extortion and wire misrepresentation, the power source reports.


As per the power source, two or three has to deal with upwards of 30 years in jail.

In August 2019, the couple was prosecuted by a government fabulous jury on one count of trick to commit bank misrepresentation, five counts of bank extortion, one count of scheme to cheat the United States and one count of expense misrepresentation, The Tennessean detailed.


Julie was likewise accused of one count of wire misrepresentation and one count of check of equity, per the power source.

Todd and Julie turned themselves in presently, denying bad behavior and entering a request of not blameworthy.


Todd guaranteed that a disappointed previous representative had decided to persuade the U.S. Lawyer’s office that the Chrisleys were answerable for perpetrating monetary violations.

At that point, a source let ET know that the couple was “very apprehensive” following the prosecution, yet that “they’re blissful such that it’s reaching a crucial stage so they can effectively get this behind them.”


The preliminary started off on May 17 in Atlanta, Georgia. In opening contentions, the public authority claimed that the pair overstated their profit to banks to get more than $30 million, Us Weekly announced.


The Chrisleys’ legal counselor claimed accordingly that a displeased previous representative was to be faulted for the misrepresentation, per the power source.

Tuesday’s liable decision came after the Georgia Department of Revenue’s October 2019 choice, which formally absolved the two or three $2-million cases connected with their state charges somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2016.


“Julie and I knew up and down that we misunderstood entirely sat idle and that when the realities all emerged, we would be fine,” Todd said in an explanation after he and Julie were cleared at the state level. “We’re simply happy that the Department of Revenue was able to keep a receptive outlook and check all the proof out.”

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