Tom Hanks Weight Loss: Tom Hanks Before And After Photos


is one of America’s best movie stars and filmmakers. Gaining recognition in the comedy series Bosom Buddies, Tom has starred in other popular movies such as Elvis, Splash, Saving Private Ryan, and Catch Me If You Can, among others. Looking at his childhood, it is quite surprising to see him in the film industry now since he was a very shy and unpopular kid back in school.


He went further to study theater at the university where his hidden talent was revealed and polished up. Till now, Hanks has been given a lot of awards for his film acting and production and to say he surely deserves them is an understatement. Among some of his lifetime awards are Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award and six academy awards.

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Tom Hanks Weight Loss: Tom Hanks Before And After Photos

Fans of the movie star have been worried sick after they spotted a photo of Tom which shows he has lost weight. Before this, Tom lost weight a while ago so he could fit the character that was to be portrayed in a movie.

But not to raise any red flags, the actor has explained that this weight loss is because he watches what he eats and this is because he is diabetic.

This has cut down his intake of certain foodstuff and in a long run has helped in keeping him in good shape thus losing 50lbs.

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