“Tonto Dikeh Is Ignorant, She Can Never Hold Any Political Office In Nigeria, Verydarkman Vows, Slams Her With A Petition

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Martins Otse, also known as Verydarkman, is a Nigerian social commentator and brand influencer who has shown that he is willing to lie and be intimidated by powerful individuals.

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood star, is Verydarkman’s latest target. He returned to social media a few days after becoming well-known for his invitation to the FCID in Abuja.

It has been said that Tonto Dikeh was the one who brought the petition to the attention of the FCID in Abuja, leading to an invitation being sent.

As retaliation, the social media activist seems to be preparing to take away every skincare product that the actress endorses.

In a widely circulated video, the social media activist criticized Tonto Dikeh, calling him a fool for supporting products that could harm Nigerians.

In the video, VDM also stated that he would stop at nothing to prevent Tonto Dikeh from ever holding public office in Nigeria.

Tonto Dikeh will never hold a political position' - Verydarkman vows, goes legal with actress

The following are a few of the remarks that followed VDM’s video:

@this_is_my_cup_of_tea1: “Why is Tunde forcing this boy on us, I never followed him and only to be seeing his videos back to back here.”

@iam_jayfreyy: “He has fallen for her bait !…. She will slam him for defamation after verification.”

@ruthel_joy: “This man talks tooo much ! Someone needs to shut him up.”

@simeon.delight: “The day tunde and vdm go fight eh May i not have low battery that day, AmenIt’s okay nah, the boy don blow.”

@og_cemoni: “VDM thinks human right works in Nigeria Tonto will useless you in Abuja with her connection even the bloggers posting you will forget about your existence. Man you better wise up this is Nigeria.”

@ewatomiclg: “Someday the monster you make may hunt you. Just an advice.”

@godwin_nnadiekwe: “You dey follow Tonto, Abuja connection fight, in the same city. I don’t know who’s advising you. Just dey play yourself. When she go bite you. Let me mind my business.”

@teeto__olayeni: “Tunde you are enabling this guy….Hope it pays off at the end, because you aren’t excluded in his dragging.”

@johnjoy295: “If Tonto comes after him, she will loose majority of her fans I swear, because VDM is saying the truth nothing personal. They will all learn the HARD WAY!”


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