Tony Tetuila Desires To Collaborate With Burna Boy On The Remix Of His Hit Song ‘My Car’

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Tony Tetuila, a well-known musician, has expressed a wish to collaborate with Grammy-winning Nigerian star Burna Boy on a remix of his 2001 hit single “My Car.”

It’s worth mentioning that in 2001, Tony Tetuila released the smash track “My Car,” which offered a hilarious take on the country’s socioeconomic environment.

Tetuila commended the younger generation of Nigerian musicians for reaching previously unheard-of heights in the country’s music business.

Regarding Eedris Abdulkareem’s remarks on Burna Boy, he objected, stating that while he and other veterans are pioneers, they cannot genuinely claim to have cleared the path for subsequent generations in the same manner.

Tony Tetuila desires to collaborate with Burna Boy on the remix of his hit song ‘My Car’

Tony Tetuila, real name Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye, is regarded as the father of Nigerian Afrobeats music. He was born in 1973 and is from the state of Kwara, specifically Oro. “My wealth is increasing” is the meaning of his name, Olanrewaju. He was a part of The Remedies, a hip-hop group that is no longer in existence.


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