Top 5 Moments Where Nigeria Shined In Biggie’s House

The Level Up Housemates are proud of their Nigerian heritage and are always looking for new ways to express it.

Big Brother Naija is heavily influenced by Nigerian culture. Food, people, songs, art, and other forms of expression have all played a significant role in how each season unfolds, and this season is no exception. ’s House’s theme this week is My Nigeria: A Tribute to Nigerian Cultural Heritage. We can deduce from this that the Housemates will end their time in the Level Up House with a proper Naija experience.

During the Level Up season, there were times when we reveled in the richness and of Nigerian culture. Let’s look at some instances where the Naija spirit shone as brightly as the sun.

The service to humanity Task

The first Wager Task won after the Levels were merged involved the Housemates paying tribute to men and women who dedicate their lives to the service and betterment of humanity. This feat was accomplished by incorporating traditional Nigerian songs and dance into their performance. Biggie and the Housemates’ display of colorful costumes, amazing dance moves, and beautiful traditional music confirmed the presence of the indefatigable Naija spirit in the House.

Jollof rice Task

If there is one meal that unites all Nigerians, it is Jollof, a rice-based meal from Senegal that combines tomatoes, onions, spices, vegetables, and meat in a single pot. It has since acquired a new identity in Nigeria and is now a staple at national celebrations. The Housemates had the opportunity to demonstrate their Jollof-making abilities as they prepared the dish for the chance to win delicious prizes.

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Afrofuturism Task

During the Afrofuturism Wager week, Biggie helped us see into the future of Nigeria and how our culture can play a significant role in its advancement. Nigerian culture shone through once more as cultural elements were incorporated into fictional technological devices created by the Level Up Housemates.

Musical moments

Have you ever noticed how excited the Housemates get when they clean up the House in the morning, party by the pool, or in the party room? Contemporary Nigerian music is one factor that connects these moments.

This season, the Afrobeats movement is a driving force, and we are feeling it. Nigerian music has kept the Housemates company in good and bad times, and it has become a defining factor that allows Housemates and viewers to connect with the Naija experience.

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Moments of self-expression

“Who dey…?” “commot body jor!” and “omo” are examples of phrases and Pidgin English that are easily recognized as part of Nigerian culture. Pidgin English, a combination of Portuguese, Dutch, English, and various local languages, has served as an informal lingua franca for Nigerians and is the most accessible form of communication for the vast majority of its people. Biggie has freed the Housemates to use it as a form of communication, giving them more opportunities to express themselves.

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