Toro Bill Jr illness: What disease did Toro Bill Jr have?

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In this long-running Lucha libre establishment, Toro Bill Jr. was a second-generation wrestler. From the mid-80s until the early 2000s, the original Toro Bill wrestled at the arena, and he was still active as of last year. Bill Toro Jr., a young Toro, appears to have begun his career in Arena Puebla in 2005, and the father and son duo worked together for a period. Arena Puebla is a CMLL-owned venue, one of four Lucha libre venues still in operation, with the main event of the week taking place every Monday for the past few decades.


What disease did Toro Bill Jr have?

Toro Bill Jr, a 35-year-old Mexican wrestler, died of a heart attack just hours after performing in a concert. On Monday, the WWE superstar put on a fantastic show for fans at the Arena Puebla in Mexico.

He fought in the second fight of the night, and he died of a heart attack mere hours later, according to sources.

However, neither the CMLL nor his family have acknowledged his cause of death.

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