Toyin Lawani Responds To Criticism On Her Husband’s Disgruntled Appearance.

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Toyin Lawani, a well-known fashion designer and stylist who is currently marking her second anniversary, has responded to a number of her detractors.

The honorable stylist observed how many people frequently bemoan her husband’s unpleasant appearance.

She responded to them by asking whether they were weary of hearing it and wondered how they could tell he was unhappy given that he constantly wears a mask.

She recalled how a different detractor had criticized her for celebrating her anniversary because Warri Pikin had remarried the day before.

Toyin Lawani Responds To Criticism On Her Husband's Disgruntled Appearance.

“Are you folks still asking questions about this mask? Even after two years, he still doesn’t appear to be content.

Did you notice his facial expression, or how did you know? Wow, comments made me go insane. Another even claimed that because someone else got married yesterday, I shouldn’t celebrate my anniversary.
I’m in a competition. How do you folks think about these ideas? The winch does not weary, does it? Gosh.

Please remember that today is the artistandhismuseanniversary. Jump and leave if it makes you uncomfortable. Black is a lovely hue for any brides who want to wear it to their wedding. KOF the trendsetter established it”.


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