Toyin Lawani Reveals Why She Wouldn’t Fight Caroline Danjuma [Video]

, a famous stylist and fashion designer, has talked openly about her friendship with , a fellow reality star and former best friend.

Since the Real Housewives of Lagos reality series debuted, the pair have been at odds.

Toyin Lawani admitted in an interview with Chude Jideonwo that she had no regrets about anything she did during the reunion.

She made hints about how Caroline was supposed to fight her, but she refused to agree.

After years of friendship, Toyin Lawani pledged never to fight her.

She said that despite Caroline’s razor-sharp tongue and her ability to say anything about their friendship, she wouldn’t lower herself to her level.

Toyin Lawani said how Caroline helped her through difficult circumstances

Toyin Lawani has a Lot to be Thankful For | BellaNaija

She said,

“I don’t regret anything that I did at the reunion. Oh, people were like, why didn’t you fight Caroline? I’ll not fight Caroline in 10,000 years. Caroline has a mouth like a razor, she can say anything, but I’ll always think about the friendship I had with her, when we were happy, the good times when I was there for her when she was there for me, and that’s about friendship, always remember it.

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So when people want to lie to her, Toyin said something because they want entertainment, they want you to talk, I’ll just look at you. Because I know one day you will realise that you were pushed, and Toyin never really said anything because they know we have a history and they wanna use you, but you fell for it. I won’t fall for it, so I should start saying all the things I know about you, things you have done in front of me because of what, because someone put you in certain circumstances. I won’t fall for it, but that’s different, that’s someone I had a friendship with in the past, you can’t ask me, make clothes for me, I’m showing you the clothes and next thing you tell the world, she’s competitive, she’s showing me her collection, it’s wrong.

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I felt sad about it; I won’t lie to you, I felt shattered; nobody has ever done that kind of thing to me before. If I lie to you that someone has put me under the bus like that before. So, I realised that most of them just want to do a show; I came to the show being me, and I was so shocked, like, ‘ah, did this just say something like this? And the same week, I’m having issues where they said I said something about Laura’s child, which isn’t true, and now you are making this thing worse by saying this. People believe all these things, so I was really upset”.

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GISTLOVER recalled that Toyin Lawani had publicly criticized Caroline Danjuma, an actress and former rich wife, for destroying her marriage.

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Aremo, with whom Toyin Lawani was married, was the father of her first child, Tiannah.

Toyin charged Carolina of dissolving her marriage and having an affair with her ex.

She stated that Caroline was the cause of her ex-eviction husband’s from his home and subsequent beating to a pulp.

Toyin Lawani said that over the 11 years she spent with him, Caroline damaged her life.

Caroline retaliated by denying that she had broken up Toyin Lawani’s marriage.

Caroline said that Toyin was unaware that her married ex was receiving information about her whereabouts from others.

Caroline questioned Toyin’s assertion that , her ex-husband, caught her with young boys when he was married to.


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