Travelling abroad is scam it’s better to stay in Ghana – Ghanaian based in Norway advises youth

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Travelling abroad is kind of the dream of most youths in Ghana.

The motive mostly is that, the pasture is greener in developed countries such as America, UK, Germany, Canada, just to mention a few.

So once you find yourself in these countries, there are better chances of becoming successful due to the wide range of opportunities available in those countries as compared to Ghana.

Also, there are jobs available therein in those countries, whiles, in Ghana, there is a high rate of unemployment. Therefore, if given the chance, most Ghanaian youths would not think twice about leaving the country.

In fact, in 2018, Pew Research Center in a survey found that about 75% of Ghanaians are likely to leave for abroad immediately should they be given the opportunity.

It also found that 42% of Ghanaians plan on moving to another country in the next five years.

Well, a Ghanaian young man based in Norway has come out to tell the youth of Ghana to remain where they are instead of trying to travel outside Ghana.

According to him, travelling abroad is a scam.

His Tweet has generated a lot of buzz on the microblogging site.

Although a lot of people agree with him, majority also think life could possibly be hard abroad, but it’ll be far better than the poor economic condition, among other things, in Ghana.


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