Travis Scott Denied To Perform For Free At Coachella 2022, After The Initial drop As Headliner

Travis Scott Denied To Perform For Free At Coachella 2022
Travis Scott Denied To Perform For Free At Coachella 2022
The fallout from ’s Astroworld tragedy continues weeks after the deadly music festival claimed the lives of 10 people-and now Travis has been pulled from one of the biggest music festivals in the world, despite offering to perform for free.
Reports coming in indicate that Travis offered to perform for free without taking any nickel or dime after he was dropped from the original list of performers yet, was still denied.
Some outlets report, not only will Travis Scott not appear on the stage via a headlining show at in 2022-apparently the organizers of the music fest don’t even want him to perform for free.
Cara Lewis was reported to have proposed that the rapper performs for free but the producer of the 3-day event festival, Goldenvoice declined the offer quickly and maintained his initial stance of dropping Travis as the headliner for the festival.
This the latest incident in the extreme fallout from Travis’ Astroworld festival last month that sadly claimed the lives of 10 people, injured dozens of others, and has resulted in multiple lawsuits totaling in the hundreds of billions.
He was initially announced as the Coachella headliner back in 2019, but with the rise of COVID-19, the festival was pushed back until April 2022.
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