Trevor Noah Busts Putin For ‘Another S**tty Thing’ He’s Doing To Screw With U.S.


“The Daily Show” have gotten down on Russian President Vladimir Putin for yet “another crappy thing” is doing. In particular, the condemnation on Thursday of 8-time WNBA All-Star Brittney Griner to 9 years in a Russian jail for conveying vape cartridges that contained hash oil, which is unlawful there.

“This is some horse crap. This is bologna,” Noah said. “We as a whole realize Russia couldn’t care less about what Brittney Griner did. This is the very nation that is violating each common liberties regulation in the world, yet they’re like, ‘Goodness, that lady has vape cartridge. She’s genuine lawbreaker!’ Get the screw out of here, man. This is horse crap and we as a whole know it.”

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The objective of the horse crap, Noah expressed, was to set up a detainee trade ― and the United States ought to get it done.

“It seems like they win,” Noah said. “In any case, remember: That individual currently needs to live in Russia. They’ll arrive and be like, ‘This entire nation is jail. I miss food in Alcatraz. Nooooo!'”

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