Trevor Noah Has Best Explanation Yet For What Just Happened To Alex Jones’ Face


can’t move past ’ response in court on Wednesday after he took in his own lawyers had coincidentally turned over proof that examiners say is evidence he lied after swearing to tell the truth.

Jones, who was seen as at risk for criticism keep going year, is being investigated to decide the amount he should pay in harms to two Sandy Hook guardians he spread for quite a long time. Then, this occurred:

“Gracious, poop that was entertaining!” Noah said in the wake of playing the recording. “I like how he was so stunned he began transforming into each emoticon.”

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Noah even did his own impression of emoticon Jones:

Noah likewise noticed that Jones hacked boisterously as he stammered his direction through the testimony box experience.

“At a certain point, he even attempted to give himself COVID,” Noah said, then broke out into another Jones pantomime: “You realize that sickness I said is phony? Definitely, I got it now!”

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