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Tristan Thompson Makes Cameo in Drake’s ‘Falling Back’ Music Video Featuring 23 Brides

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Tristan Thompson has a talent for making a joke of serious relationships. His most recent trick: showing up in Drake’s new music video in which the rapper tells his “best man” he is “prepared to settle down” and get hitched … to 23 ladies.

Following the arrival of his unexpected 14-track albumHonestly, Nevermind, the rapper likewise dropped the music video to “Falling Back.” Drizzy opens the music video wearing a tuxedo. Seconds after the fact, Thompson enters the edge and asks Drake, “You prepared?”

The rapper says he is, inciting Thompson to answer, “Don’t feel right? We scrap it. We return home. It’s finished.” Drake answers, “No, no, no. I’m great, brother. It’s a great time for me, you know? I’m prepared to settle down. I’m infatuated.” Thompson tells Drake he’s glad for him prior to adding, “You just get hitched once.”

Later in the video, Drake’s at the raised area where the rabbi inquires as to whether he’s prepared to concede to being a decent spouse. He answers, “I do.” The rabbi then poses the lady similar inquiry, just this time the camera works out to each of the 23 ladies as they reply as one, “I do.” The rabbi then articulates them, “man and spouses.”

It’s not lost on fans that the music video dropped only hours after the NBA player’s duping embarrassment worked out on the season finale of The Kardashians. In that episode, Khloe Kardashian blacked out following Thompson’s paternity embarrassment.

“I’m so restless. I’ve been truly dried out. I swooned a day or two ago. I’m fine,” Khloe told her sister over FaceTime. “Some of the time I feel like I can’t inhale and I’m wheezing for air. I recently blacked out. I’m fine.”

“I’ve been placed on a few beta blockers. I will hinder all the s**t out of my framework and everybody can f**k off,” Khloe added. “I’ll cry in the shower and nobody will know the distinction.”

The paternity outrage popped up on Dec. 3, when Kim Kardashian was made aware of an article online that had distributed court archives. In the docs, Thompson conceded to having a casual hookup with Maralee Nichols the evening of his 30th birthday celebration, however he denied the months-long undertaking that Maralee claimed.

It was only after soon thereafter that Thompson admitted that he’d been taking part in a sexual relationship with Maralee for quite a long time. In January, a paternity test affirmed that Thompson fathered Maralee’s child kid, Theo. Notwithstanding Theo, Tristan shares a 5-year-old child, Prince, with Jordan Craig, and a 4-year-old girl, True, with Khloe.

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