Tse Chi Lop wife: Who is Tse Yim Fum?

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Tse Chi Lop is allegedly the kingpin behind Asia-Pacific based crime international crime supersyndicate Sam Gor.


The Sam Gor syndicate is a criminal organization that generates billions of dollars annually from the trade in methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs.

According to the Office on Drugs and Crime in the United Nations, Sam Gor had generated an estimate of $8billion to $17.7 billion.


Tse Chi Lop is also popularly called “The Company”, one of his many aliases. He used to be a member of the Hong Kong, Toronto and Vancouver based triad crime group known as the Big Circle Gang.

Tse Chi Lop wife: Who is Tse Yim Fum?

Tse Chi Lop is married to a woman known as Tse Yim Fum. Currently, her name is the only information about her that has been made public is her name.

Currently, extensive investigations are on grounds into gaining more information about Tse Chi Lop and his wife, Tse Yim Fum. We are diligently waiting on our sources to deliver us with interesting data. Kindly stay tuned.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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